The production and the smithing process of Bronze was a skill long seemd forgotten on the Sword Coast since the abundence of Steel in the past made it obsolete. So now there only a few smiths with the skill and the resources to produce something Bronze, and it comes at a price.

Bronze plate mail armour was the best known practical use of bronze by adventurers.

Copper used for coinage and trade bars was typically a 94–96% copper 4–6% tin bronze alloy.

Most adventuring equipment, including weapons and armour, could be made out of bronze.

Armour constructed out of Bronze is typically heavier then it’s steel counterpart and a littlebit softer, giving you less protection. But in times of the Iron Crisis, it’s oftne the only option for adventurers to be sure their armour won’t fall apart after the first hit.

Some smiths even tried to smith Bronze weapons again with varying succses. A bronze sword has quite a lot of problems holding it’s edge.


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